The all project specific objectives can be achieved only in the presence of the following coherent project outputs:

  •   Developed project website
  •   Carried on public awareness events
  •   Disseminated publicity materials, tools, practices and methodologies
  •   Selected and evaluated forest areas
  •   Identified bio hazards
  •   Developed innovative methods for forest protection by using natural pest control
  •   Performed pilot operation in selected forest areas
  •   Developed monitoring system
  •   Conducted analysis and assessment of the damage caused by abiotic factors
  •   Performed monitoring of water supplies and water fall
  •   Embodied data visualization methods for the data collected on earth and in the air as well for the procced data
  •   Developed Common policies for biodiversity
  •   Delivered monitoring and observation equipment
  •   Carried on trainings for the relevant stakeholders
  •   Evaluated and classified data – implementation of data integration solution
  •   Prepared info web Platform for both sides of the border
  •   Provision of adequate supporting Infrastructure


The direct and immediate advantages resulting from the project’s activities and the outputs are the following project results:

Increased awareness of society on the project issues;

Data exchange by operation of a common information system;

Improved base for coordinated actions through performed monitoring and analysis of abiotic factors’ effects and developed of Common policies for biodiversity;

Developed integrated Programmeme management to control of the most dangerous pests in forests on the basis of biological agents and reducing the use of insecticides;

The project results are in full compliance with the indicated Programme target results as they follow:

Increased incidence of common approaches in biodiversity protection on both sides of the border;

Increased effectiveness of coordinated biodiversity protection actions (especially in the area of aquatic eco-systems);

Increased incidence of pro-active species protection actions;

Improved degree of conservation of CB protected habitats.

The project directly contributes to the Programme – specific result indicator “Increasing the % of Natura areas reporting excellent or good degree of conservation” The positive impacts will come also from project sub- results:

Creation of a common database that would in time be possible to assess the dangers and possible risks and quantification of joint policies and objectives for improvement.

Preservation and protection measures designs trough transfer of know-how across the border.

Monitoring of forest ecosystems and game habitats and game populations.

Prevention of poaching and illegal logging and other illegal practices.

Monitoring and establishment of damage from heavy snow, snow falls, windfalls, stripping arrays in inaccessible areas.

More efficient control and relation in situations of forest fires or other natural disasters and establish the basis for technical development for monitoring of forest fires with UFA.

Centralized information system with continuously updated database